Hand-Dipped Potato Cakes

Sliced from whole potatoes, each slice is individually dipped by hand in our unique formulated batter, providing a delicious crispy coating, just like you would if you had made it yourself!

While others manufacturers rely on third-party suppliers for their potatoes, we grow our own potatoes on our farm in Gembrook, Victoria.  We ensure the quality, consistency, and freshness of our potato cakes is achieved by choosing the right potato seed, to planting, harvesting, and right through to the manufacturing process.

Made from 100% Australian ingredients.  No animal products, preservatives or artificial additives or colours used.

For these reasons, Phoenix Frozen Foods consistently achieves a standard not often found in the industry, making our potato cakes/scallops the highest quality available.

Can be Deep Fried, Oven Baked or Air Fried.

Code: BS33
Packaging: 100 pieces per carton

** Contains Gluten **
* Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly *